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Yabla Tutorials Yabla Player Viewing Mode


1)  How do I access fullscreen viewing?

  • Click the "Retract" button.
  • Click the "Expand" button.

2)  Where are the captions in "Theater Mode"?

  • The captions appear above the video.
  • The captions appear right on the video.
  • The captions appear to the left of the video.

3)  How do I access the dictionary in "Theater Mode"?

  • Click on "Fullscreen."
  • Click on a word.
  • Click on the toggle button.
  • Say the word.

4)  In "Standard Mode," where does the dictionary appear?

  • It appears to the right.
  • It appears at the bottom.
  • It appears at the top.
  • It appears to the left.

5)  What is the mini-monitor icon for?

  • It's for watching a different video.
  • It's for muting the sound.
  • It's for accessing "Theater Mode."