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Yabla Tutorials Yabla Video Player Additional Features


1)  Can you change the language of the translated captions?

  • Yes
  • No

2)  How can you find other videos in the same series?

  • Click on the menu bar showing the video title.
  • Click the "Full Screen" option.
  • Hover your cursor over any given button.

3)  Something "additional" means...

  • Something difficult.
  • Something new.
  • Something extra.

4)  Where can you find options for "High Definition," "Automatic Replay," and "Text Size?"

  • "Settings"
  • "Transcript"
  • "Comments"

5)  Where can you share your thoughts on the videos?

  • In the "Comments" section.
  • In the "Vocabulary Review" section.
  • In the bilingual dictionary.

6)  What will you find if you click on "Transcript"?

  • Some thoughts on the video.
  • All of the captions written down.
  • A list of additional features of Yabla.