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peta2 Interviews Vegan Surfer Tia Blanco


1)  Tia eats a lot of _______.

  • carbs and healthy sources of fat.
  • fruits, vegetables, and nuts.
  • red meats, white meats, and dairy.
  • vegan chocolate and cake.

2)  How did Tia learn more about veganism?

  • She spent time with her vegan brother.
  • She attended a presentation and a conference.
  • She read, researched, and watched documentaries.

3)  "Stoked" is a slang word that means...

  • "angry."
  • "upset."
  • "excited."

4)  Tia Blanco decided to be vegan __________.

  • six months ago
  • six years ago
  • two months ago.