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Listen for the missing word, and type the answer in the blank.
You will have three attempts at each word, and any words you miss will be repeated in round 2.
Words are chosen randomly, so you may play the game many times.
Note: The Yabla game has been updated to allow multiple attempts.
Generating Questions
Listen for the missing word, and choose the correct answer.
Any words you miss will be repeated in round 2.
Words are chosen randomly, so you may play the game many times.
Generating Questions

Scoring Rules

Correct answers are awarded a base of 10 points.
2 points are deducted for each incorrect attempt.
1 point is deducted for using "slow" play.

Scoring Rules

Correct answers are awarded 2 points in the first round, and 1 point in the second round.
You are right/wrong

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If you are stuck, you can click any underscore to reveal a missing letter.

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If you are stuck, you can click a red crossed out letter to reveal a correction.

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You can click an orange letter to correct an accent mistake.

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Type what you hear

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          Difficulty 2/5 USA
          Integrated Dictionaries
          Click any word to look up word in multiple dictionaries.
          Slow Play
          Click the slow button to slow down the audio.
          Phrase Repeat
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          About Yabla Scribe

          Dictation is a valuable language learning device that has been used for centuries. Although linguists have not completely understood how it facilitates language acquisition--it would be extremely difficult to isolate the language competencies that are employed--many have attested to its pedagogical value. One of the 20th century's most influential linguists, Leonard Bloomfield (1942), strongly endorsed the use of dictation as a learning device. Today, many methodologists are at least inclined to agree with Finocchiaro's (1969) summary of its value: "[Dictation] ensures attentive listening; it trains pupils to distinguish sounds; it helps fix concepts of punctuation; it enables pupils to learn to transfer oral sounds to written symbols; it helps to develop aural comprehension; and it assists in self-evaluation."
          Scott Alkire, San Jose City College "Dictation as a Language Learning Device", 2002

          Welcome to the Yabla Scribe Beta.

          We look forward to your feedback!

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          1.samplesåmplesample8 pts
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          Fill in the blanks
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          Fill in the blanks
          Scribe Beta Assigned
          Vocabulary Review Assigned
          Practice vocabulary words
          Multiple Choice - Pīnyīn Assigned
          Fill in the blanks
          Multiple Choice - 汉字 Assigned
          Fill in the blanks
          Cloze - Pīnyīn Assigned
          Fill in the blanks
          Cloze - 汉字 Assigned
          Fill in the blanks
          Scribe - Pīnyīn Assigned
          Scribe - 汉字 Assigned