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Piggeldy and Frederick The sheep


1)  What did Piggledy think when he saw the first sheep?

  • He thought it was a wool sweater.
  • He thought it was a white cloud.
  • He thought it was a sheep.
  • He thought it was a different animal.

2)  Which pig is younger?

  • Piggeldy
  • Frederick

3)  What word rhymes with "sky?"

  • why
  • flock
  • off
  • gone

4)  What word does Piggeldy think the sheep is saying?

  • "flock"
  • "bask"
  • "pretty"
  • "sky"

5)  A flock of sheep is usually...

  • just one sheep.
  • a song about sheep.
  • a lot of sheep.
  • the grass where sheep graze.