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America's National Parks Grand Canyon - Parte 1


1)  Which word means to be intimidated and discouraged?

  • "taunted"
  • "haunted"
  • "flaunted"
  • "daunted"

2)  To do something needing great courage and steadiness is said to require...

  • "nerves of iron."
  • "nerves of gold."
  • "nerves of steel."
  • "nerves of lead."

3)  When do the bighorn rams get more "rammy" and fight each other?

  • When food and water is scarce.
  • When there are females at stake.
  • When the weather is hot and dry.
  • When a predator threatens their flock.

4)  What was the meaning of "Kaibab," the Paiute tribe's name for the Grand Canyon?

  • "Great rocky valley."
  • "Sacred river home."
  • "Sky descending to Earth."
  • "Mountain lying down."

5)  Fill in the blank: "There is nothing quite as ________ in the world as Grand Canyon National Park."

  • crumbling
  • tumbling
  • bumbling
  • humbling