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A preposition is a type of word that express spatial or temporal relations. Here is a list of known English prepositions. There is no set of rules for learning prepositions, and the prepositions from one language often do not translate directly into another. It's best to learn English prepositions by getting used to using them in context. Today, let's take a look at the preposition "at."


The preposition "at" can be used to express the time of day: 


And at three o'clock the Queen comes on and she gives her speech.

Caption 24, Christmas traditions - in the UK

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Or to indicate a place: 


As you can see behind me, we are at Buckingham Palace.

Caption 1, In London with Lauren - Buckingham Palace

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Or to indicate an activity or proficiency with something:


So I'm very good at working as part of a team.

Caption 34, Business English - The job interview - Part 2

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Or very commonly when mentioning an email address. The "at symbol" (@) in an email address is also called... at!


You can email us at...

Caption 50, The Egoscue Clinic of Austin - Exercises for low back pain

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Further Learning
Search for examples of the preposition "at" on Yabla English to see them used in a real-world context. 

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