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The Monty Python Channel - Job Interview

Difficulty: intermediate English     Length: 1:37     Accent: British

The Monty Python lads strike again, in yet another brilliant sketch lampooning job interviews and bartering. The next time you are asked what you expect for wages at a job interview, keep this sketch in mind!

Barenaked Ladies - Big Bang Theory

Difficulty: intermediate English     Length: 2:01     Country: Canada

The Barenaked Ladies have teamed with TV’s #1—and newly minted Emmy® nominee for Outstanding Comedy Series—The Big Bang Theory (Thursdays 8/7c on CBS, premiering September 22) on a special music video for the band’s full-length version of the hit series’ theme song.

Sam Light - In a Nutshell

Difficulty: intermediate English     Length: 6:23     Accent: British

Catch a glimpse into Sam's 9-5 world. He spent 2 months in West Oz this winter rocking the sand bar, scoring epic wake style conditions...Check him out!
Music by: Nosaj Thing - Quest, Hustler - Demarco ft Busta Rhymes, No Place For The Devil - Sick Figures.

AAA Program - 10 Years of shared commitment to sustainability

Difficulty: intermediate English     Length: 0:44     Accent: American

Hear George Clooney, along with the president of The Rainforest Alliance, talk about Nespresso's commitment to sustainable management for their coffee farmers.

Lorde - Royals

Difficulty: intermediate English     Length: 4:03     Accent: New Zealand

Ella Yelich-O'Connor, better known by her stage name Lorde, is a singer-songwriter from New Zealand. "Royals" was her first single released in 2012. It reached number one on the charts in New Zealand and with this single she was the first New Zealander to have a number one hit in the United States.

Yabla Tutorials - Getting Started With Yabla

Difficulty: beginner English     Length: 5:12     Accent: American

How to get started with Yabla...

Chris Isaak - Wicked Game

Difficulty: intermediate English     Length: 4:04     Accent: American

This video of the song "Wicked Game" from American singer
Chris Isaak
was one of the big winners at the MTV Video Music Awards in 1991 and features the Danish model Helena Christensen.

Rise Up And Sing - Recording the song - Part 1

Difficulty: intermediate English     Length: 4:05     Accent: American

This begins the story of how a middle school chorus from Queens New York ended up recording the song "Rise Up and Sing" at Manhattan's famous Avatar studios. The song was written for them by their chorus teacher Mr. Estreicher, as encouragement in life's challenges.

Dare Jessie J - Manchester - Part 2

Difficulty: intermediate English     Length: 3:41     Accent: British

Get behind the scenes on the shoot of Jessie J's video for her song "Price Tag" along with her special guest, rapper B.o.B.

Chris Sharma - World's best rock climber

Difficulty: intermediate English     Length: 5:13     Accent: American

Adapted from the film King Lines, this clip features Chris Sharma through the lenses of photographer Corey Rich and filmmakers Josh Lowell and Peter Mortimer. King Lines is now available on DVD at King Lines

The History and Future of Everything - Time - Part 1

Difficulty: intermediate English     Length: 3:31     Accent: American

How much time do you have left?
Time makes sense in small pieces. But when you look at huge stretches of time, it’s almost impossible to wrap your head around things. So KURZGESAGT teamed up with the awesome blog WAITBUTWHY and made this video to help you put things in perspective with some infographics!

Bruno Mars - The Lazy Song

Difficulty: intermediate English     Length: 3:29     Accent: American

The Lazy Song is the third single from the album
"Doo-Wops & Hooligans" by singer and songwriter Peter Gene Hernández, also known as Bruno Mars. Enjoy!

Dare Jessie J - Manchester - Part 1

Difficulty: intermediate English     Length: 3:22     Accent: British
Viewer Discretion Advised

Which dare will Jessie J have to face this time in Manchester? This time, the dare was issued during a live radio show, but for once it has nothing to do with singing!

The Art of Flight - Film Trailer with Travis Rice

Difficulty: intermediate English     Length: 3:09     Accent: Canadian

Just when you thought the producers of “That’s It, That’s All” couldn’t top themselves comes a new breed of snowboarding entertainment. The Art of FLIGHT follows Travis Rice, John Jackson, Mark Landvik, Scotty Lago, Jake Blauvelt, Nicolas Muller, Gigi Ruf, DCP and Pat Moore as they dream up new global adventures and progress the sport to unimaginable levels.
Download the song “The Fire Shall Devour Us” by The Three Corners of The Earth here.

Dare Jessie J - Brighton - Part 1

Difficulty: intermediate English     Length: 5:27     Accent: British

British pop star Jessie J performs a concert in Brighton, UK and accepts a dare to sing her hit 'Price Tag' wearing clothing belonging to members of the audience!

Richard Wiseman - Quirkology Trailer

Difficulty: intermediate English     Length: 0:33     Accent: British

For sure-fire bets that you can use to impress your friends, incredible illusions that’ll blow your mind, and interactive experiments to bamboozle your brain, check out this trailer for Richard Wiseman’s Quirkology Channel. Music by the Electric Unicycle Crew.

Samuel L. Jackson - talking Star Wars with Jimmy Carter

Difficulty: intermediate English     Length: 3:58     Accent: American

In this interview, Jimmy Carter talks with the successful American actor Samuel L. Jackson about his role in the Star Wars prequal trilogy and his personal interest in Star Wars.

2011 Billboard Awards - Rihanna and Britney Performance

Difficulty: intermediate English     Length: 4:20     Accent: American
Viewer Discretion Advised

PopTopic TV: Rihanna is up for an amazing 18 awards this year, including the evening’s coveted Top Artist award. She started things off with her racy ‘S&M’ single, clad in a barely there, white patent leather dominatrix ensemble, slithering across the stage at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on Sunday night.

The Rolling Stones - Shine A Light Trailer

Difficulty: intermediate English     Length: 2:31     Accent: American

The trailer for the Rolling Stones movie Shine A Light, directed by Martin Scorsese.

Nature Preservation - The Gulf Stream & Climate Change

Difficulty: intermediate English     Length: 5:04     Accent: American

Learn about the role of the sea in global warming. The global conveyer belt is part of the large-scale ocean circulation that is driven by differences in the density of the ocean waters. It plays a key role in keeping the climate in balance and Europe warm. Global warming may change it forever with unforeseeable consequences.
Brought to you by Kurzgesagt.

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