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Your Students will Love Yabla. Don’t take our word for it! See what the students at The Connecticut International Baccalaureate Academy (CIBA), a 5-year subscriber, have to say about Yabla.

Yabla uses authentic content and a unique video player to improve students' listening comprehension, vocabulary, and spelling.

Every student has their own login, and teachers can assign activities, set goals, and monitor student performance.

Videos from the world's best commercial, public, and independent broadcasters.

Yabla brings your students compelling authentic programming.

Yabla partners with the world's best commercial, public, and independent broadcasters. Music videos coming from the likes of Sony Latino, Sony France, Universal Latino and Universal Europe drive student interest in the living language through contemporary, meaningful culture.

Documentaries and news from passionate independent producers and networks such as Tv Peru, Gallovision and France2 draw students into the greater world of science, technology, ecology, economy, and history. Exclusive interviews and travel videos will bring them into contact with musicians, chefs, scientists, students, doctors, and other real people representing a great variety of accents, regions, and social classes.

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Easily add students and colleagues at any time.

Give your students access to Yabla, quickly and easily.

With a school account, your students can quickly and easily sign themselves up, choosing their own username and password, at their (or your) convenience. You can also directly add and/or delete users at any time, using your allocated slots as needed. For example, you are welcome to give access to one set of students one semester and switch to another set of students the following semester. Students will be able to log in and access Yabla video language immersion at any time from any location.

Assign videos to your students as homework or lab assignments.

Assign activities to your classes.

You can assign videos based activities to your students as homework or lab assignments. Students complete assignments by playing the games and earning points. As students complete the assignments, you can monitor their progress in a gradebook and a detailed activity report. This helps to ensure that students are actively engaged in the videos.

Watch a video and use the "games" button to try the available activities.

Yabla is perfect for learners at all levels

Beginner or advanced, middle school or Ivy League, learners at all levels benefit from actively listening to native speakers. Current subscribers include top academic institutions such as the University of Michigan and Brown University, as well as public and preparatory schools at the secondary and middle-school levels.

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Try These Sample Videos

  • Yabla Languages - Learn Languages with Yabla


    Level Newbie

    United Kingdom

    Are you tired of the usual methods? With Yabla, you can learn a new language through authentic videos that range from music to news to lessons. You can try the unique Yabla video player for free at...

  • Business English - Difficulties with coworkers and contracts


    Level Intermediate

    United Kingdom

    Julia has now been promoted to lead a new markets campaign team, but with promotion comes new responsibilities. Unfortunately, one of her team members has made a mistake which could cost the...

  • Bastille - Things We Lost In The Fire


    Level Beginner

    United Kingdom

    Bastille is a British indie pop band formed in 2010. "Things we lost in the fire" is a single from their debut album. Enjoy!

  • Ed Sheeran - Shape Of You


    Level Beginner

    United Kingdom

    "Shape of you" is a hit single from Ed Sheeran's album Divide and has gone on to win a Grammy and to be considered one the most successful songs of all time. A fun fact is that the song had...

  • New York City - Little Shop of Crafts


    Level Beginner


    Doreen Cruz from Little Shop of Crafts in New York explains to us how her workplace functions as a creative outlet for both children and adults.

  • Yabla Tutorials - Introducing Scribe


    Level Beginner

    France, USA

    Here are a few tips on using the dictation feature offered with Yabla videos. Sigrid puts it to good use as she works on improving her French.