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The 'Mobile Music Box' lifting spirits in New Orleans during coronavirus


1)  Anna says you can't push people to listen to your music. They have to make themselves...

  • available.
  • understandable.
  • irritable.
  • questionable.

2)  What does Anna say they can bring with their music?

  • A tickle
  • A sprinkle
  • A sparkle
  • A tingle

3)  Sarah says they'll be out with the musical pedicab...

  • "till we get tired."
  • "till we can't be anymore."
  • "till the music stops"
  • "till we've been round the whole city."

4)  True or false? Sarah says she only just met Anna recently.

  • True, they only met when they began working together.
  • False, they've been good friends for a while.

5)  What was Anna doing before the coronavirus hit New Orleans?

  • Teaching yoga and meditation
  • Busking in the streets
  • Playing in an orchestra
  • Working in an office