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Father's Day

Father's Day always falls on the third Sunday in June in the United States and the United Kingdom. This holiday was established in 1910 in the US state of Washington, and remains the most popular Father's Day date in the world. This year, Father's Day is on June 18th.


Most countries in the world celebrate Father's Day, as you can see on this map on Wikipedia Commons. In many places like the US and the UK, the date falls on a particular Sunday of the month. But in some countries, the date is fixed and the same every year. In some Hindu, Islamic, and Burmese cultures, it falls on a date that varies each year according to the lunar calendar.


Let's take a look today at some typical Father's Day traditions in the US and the UK. These might be the same as you do in your home country, but maybe they'll help give you some ideas for Father's Day this year anyway!


But it later became a permanent federal holiday.

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A federal holiday (called a "bank holiday" in the UK) is a holiday where most people have the day off from work and where, depending on the local laws, many shops, offices, and institutions are closed. Father's Day in the US and the UK, however, is just a regular holiday, and not a federal or bank holiday. The fact that it always falls on a Sunday means that most people take the day off from work anyway!


My father yells, "What are you going do with your life?"

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Relationships with our fathers are sometimes problematic, but hopefully we've been able to forgive and forget, and maintain a healthy relationship with our dads.


This Mother's Day you might want to make her a card.

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It's also part of the holiday's tradition to send your dad a Father's Day card.


And what do you hope to get for a present this year?

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This video caption is referring to Christmas presents, but you can also consider getting your dad a present for Father's Day. Then the question remains: What would he like to have?


We went out to dinner.

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If you live near your father, it's also a nice gesture to invite him out to dinner. It's also a nice gesture make dinner at your home and invite him over.


Further Learning
Go to Yabla English and watch the videos above. Maybe there are some Father's Day traditions in your native country that aren't discussed here. Try writing a paragraph in English about Father's Day traditions where you came from.

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