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Into the New Year!

It's another new year — and this time around, it's a new decade as well! Let's take a look at some examples relating to the New Year in Yabla videos:


New Year's Day is on January first or on the first of January.

Caption 39, Sigrid explains - Numbers

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Uh, my New Year's resolution is to just, like, keep going at the gym.

Caption 7, Ashley Tisdale - Happy New Year!

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A "New Year's resolution" is a promise you make to yourself about something you want to do in the New Year, usually something expressing a wish to somehow become a better person. 


On the twelfth day after Christmas, we have to take down all the decorations and the tree, or else it's bad luck for the New Year.

Captions 47-48, Christmas Traditions - in the UK

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Depending on people's beliefs, the Twelfth Night fell on either January 5th or January 6th this year, so you'd best have your Christmas tree taken down by now!


On New Year's Eve we checked out the rings of Saturn.

Caption 15, Jason Mraz - Tour of Studio

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Looking through a telescope at the stars is not a traditional pastime on New Year's Eve, but perhaps it should be...


The second part of Brick Lane is a party atmosphere,

for younger people and the younger generation to celebrate,

and they're very famous for their New Year's parties.

Captions 24-26, London - Brick Lane

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And it's where people gather for the New Year's celebrations.

Caption 7, London - City Sights

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The place in the second caption is London's Trafalgar Square, so a couple of suggestions here if your next New Year's Eve is going to be celebrated in the UK!


Further Learning
Look for more videos relating to New Year's day on Yabla English to improve your English in this context!

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