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Soluzioni agli esercizi "Reported Speech"

Ecco le soluzioni ai quiz della lezione Reported Speech.


Completate le frasi con la forma corretta dei seguenti verbi:


to add

to answer

to order

to claim

to warn

to recommend

to state


1) Jane told me about her journey and added that she hadn’t felt very well on the plane.

2) The local guide ordered the hikers to walk only along the path.

3) The mother warned the children not to go out in the rain.

4) Micky claimed that it was very difficult to reach the top of the hill.

5) The Mayor stated that the Council couldn’t fund a new green area in the town centre. 

6) The doctor recommended that I stop eating fats and start jogging. 

7) The boys answered that they hadn’t jumped over the fence surrounding the zoo.


They claimed to be weavers of a rare and especially beautiful and precious cloth.

Affermarono di essere dei tessitori di una rara e particolarmente bella e preziosa stoffa.

Caption 24, Fairy Tales - The Emperor's New Clothes

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Completa la seconda frase con il pronome personale e con l’espressione di tempo corretta.

1a) Diane: “I will go sailing tomorrow.”

1b) Diane said that she would go sailing the following day.

2a) Roger: “Paul and I can’t go skiing next weekend.”

2b) Roger said that he and Paul couldn’t go skiing the following weekend.

3a) Kim: “I will be thirty tomorrow.”

3b) Kim said that she would be thirty the following day.

4a) Alan: “I visited the Natural History Museum today.”

4b) Alan said that he had visited the Natural History Museum that day.

5a) Larry: “I watched a great film set in the desert yesterday.”

5b) Larry said that he watched a great film set in the desert the day before/the previous day.



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