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Soluzioni al quiz "Present perfect o Simple past?"

1. I have just finished my breakfast. (to finish)

2. I have gone to the cinema several times in the last few weeks. (to go)

3. Last year, they bought a new house by the sea. (to buy)

4. Oil has recently increased in price. (to increase)

5. The bad weather ruined our holiday last month. (to ruin)

6. Elisa has lived here since 2002. (to live)

7. The government hasn't taken any action yet. (not/to take)

8. The alarm stopped when I switched off. (to stop; to switch off)

9. Jane has already done the laundry. (to do)

10. Yesterday, I found the keys in my purse. (to find)

11. He got up an hour ago. (to get up)

12. I have never failed a test. (to fail)


I have found a hotel in the city center of Amsterdam.

Ho trovato un hotel nel centro di Amsterdam.

Caption 23, A Weekend in Amsterdam - Planning the Trip

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