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Soluzioni dei quiz di: Come tradurre l’espressione “far fare” in inglese

Ecco le soluzioni ai quiz della lezione Come tradurre l’espressione “far fare” in inglese.

Inoltre troverete anche un altro esempio su come esprimere il concetto di far fare in inglese.


  1. My brother made me play his new video game last night./My brother let me play his new video game last night.
  2. I forced him to give a me a pay raise.
  3. The heavy rain caused the river to rise and flood our house!
  4. Working in the garden makes me feel energetic!
  5. My husband got his car repaired by a good mechanic./My husband had his car repaired by a good mechanic.
  6. My dad allowed me to use his computer yesterday.
  7. My mom forces me to make my bed every morning.
  8. Will your parents allow you to go to dance?


Um, I wanted you guys to see what goes on, how nervous I was,

Um, volevo che voi ragazzi vedeste cosa succedequanto fossi nervosa,

the things that people made me do in the video.

le cose che le persone mi hanno fatto fare nel video.

Captions 16-18, Dare Jessie J - London - Part 1

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  1. He will let you ride his bike.
  2. Yesterday's rain made many bridges fall.
  3. They made/let me write that letter.
  4. We can’t let our fears ruin our relationship.
  5. Daniel’s behavior made his mother apologize on his behalf.










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