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Katie Melua - Nine Million Bicycles

Difficulty: intermediate English Country: United Kingdom

Listen to this catchy and very well-known tune “Nine Million Bicycles” by British singer Katie Melua.

Latin Quarter - No Rope As Long As Time

Difficulty: intermediate English Country: United Kingdom

British band Latin Quarter formed in 1983 and released six albums, the subject matter of their songs often expressing their strong political views. The title of this song "No rope as long as time" was a saying of black South Africans meaning no amount of oppression could halt their eventual freedom. The band reunited in 2011, twenty-one years after splitting up, and has since released two more albums.

INXS - By My Side

Difficulty: intermediate English Country: Australia

Experience the Australian rock legends INXS live with their song “By My Side”.

Jessica - Vacation Plans

Difficulty: intermediate English Country: USA

Jessica is planning a trip to the Grand Canyon and is trying to find reasonably priced accommodation.

They Might Be Giants - Seven

Difficulty: intermediate English Country: USA

Here’s another fun clip from the American alternative band They Might Be Giants’ Grammy award winning children’s album Here Come the 123s!

Giving directions - with Lauren and Matt

Difficulty: intermediate English Country: United Kingdom

If you've ever been lost in the city and in need of assistance, then this video may just what the doctor ordered! Lauren helps Matt navigate his way around the streets of London and find his way from point A to point B. We hope this video from England is helpful!

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