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A Weekend in Amsterdam - Planning the trip

Level Newbie

United Kingdom

This lucky girl has her birthday next week and is planning a trip with friends. She plans a train trip through France and Belgium, and books the perfect hotel in Amsterdam. She has lots of ideas...

Yabla Languages - Learn Languages with Yabla

Level Newbie

United Kingdom

Are you tired of the usual methods? With Yabla, you can learn a new language through authentic videos that range from music to news to lessons. You can try the unique Yabla video player for free...

In London with Lauren - Trafalgar Square

Level Beginner

United Kingdom

Our British tour guide Lauren is taking us to Trafalgar Square today — come and join her to learn more about this tourist attraction in central London!

English with Lauren - Emotions

Level Beginner

United Kingdom

Yabla's Lauren takes us on a journey through the emotions with a variety of examples in English.

Yabla Tutorials - Introducing Scribe

Level Beginner

France, USA

Here are a few tips on using the dictation feature offered with Yabla videos. Sigrid puts it to good use as she works on improving her French.

In New York with Caralie - The Empire State Building

Level Intermediate


Caralie introduces the New York City skyline as seen from the Empire State Building. Do you think you can name all of Manhattan’s highest buidlings?

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Unlimited access to our growing library of 1950+ videos for less than the cost of a 15 minute lesson.

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Just $ 12.95 USD per month

Unlimited access to our growing library of 1950+ videos for less than the cost of a 15 minute lesson.