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English with Annette O'Neil - Colloquial Contractions

Level Newbie


Annette explains what colloquial contractions are, and shows us three popular ones: "kinda," "wanna," and "gonna." She tells us where these words come from and how they're used in context.

A Weekend in Amsterdam - Getting ready

Level Newbie

United Kingdom

It’s time to prepare for her weekend in Amsterdam. Our friend packs her clothes, toiletry bag, things to read, and a few other essentials. Will she need an umbrella?

Yabla Tutorials - Teachers Printable Quiz

Level Beginner


This tutorial is for educators. The video outlines how to create a printable quiz to use with your class. It's easy!

Katie Melua - Nine Million Bicycles

Level Beginner

Northern Ireland

Listen to this catchy and very well-known tune “Nine Million Bicycles” by British singer Katie Melua.

In London with Lauren - Trafalgar Square

Level Beginner

United Kingdom

Our British tour guide Lauren is taking us to Trafalgar Square today — come and join her to learn more about this tourist attraction in central London!

Yabla Tutorials - Games Menu

Level Intermediate


This tutorial explains how to use the "games" menu that comes with each video on Yabla. Use it to reinforce what you've seen and heard in the video, and work on your spelling, as well.

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Just $ 12.95 USD per month

Unlimited access to our growing library of 2000+ videos for less than the cost of a 15 minute lesson.