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Soluzioni dei quiz Il verbo modale must

Ecco qui di seguito le soluzioni agli esercizi che vi abbiamo proposto in questa lezione.


There must be a good reason that you're gone

Deve esserci una buona ragione per cui te ne sei andato

Caption 29, Charlie Puth - We Don't Talk Anymore (feat. Selena Gomez)

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Completate le frasi con must / must not e la forma base dei seguenti verbi: to hold, to walk, to drive, to cross, to wear, to wait.


1. People must drive on the left in Britain.

2. You must cross the road at the zebra crossing.

3. You must not walk on the grass.

4. People must wait until the traffic lights are green before crossing.

5. Everybody must wear a seat-belt when travelling by car.

6. You must not hold the steering wheel with only one hand.


Completa queste deduzioni, distinguendo quelle al presente e quelle al passato.


1. It must be five o' clock. Everyone's leaving the office.

2. Look at that man with all the money! He must have won the lottery.

3. This bag looks very expensive. It must cost at least $5,000.

4. The car has stopped. I must have forgotten to fill it up.

5. They are freezing. They must have waited for the bus for a long time.

6. She must have new friends. She goes out every night.


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