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Soluzioni esercizi sul "Periodo ipotetico"

In questa pagina potete visualizzare le soluzioni degli esercizi sulla lezione del periodo ipotetico.

Se avete dubbi o domande scriveteci a questo indirizzo


"I'll be paid when I come home."

"Sarò pagato quando arriverò a casa".

Caption 51, Aloe Blacc - I Need a Dollar

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Completate le frasi con le seguenti parole: unless, provided that, in case, when

1. When it stops raining, we'll go out sailing. 

2. Take this $50 bill in case it costs more than you expect.

3. You can't get into the safari park unless you are in your car. The animals are free and dangerous.

4. You can go to the party provided that you're home by 12:00.


Esprimi disappunto o rimpianto usando le parole tra parentesi.

1. Peter spent all his money. (if only) If only Peter hadn't spent all his money.

2. Mike lost his job as a ski instructor. (if only) If only Mike hadn't lost his job as a ski instructor.

3. I remember that girl's name. (I wish) I wish I remembered that girl's name.

4. My sisters left for a trekking holiday in a bad weather. (I wish) I wish my sisters hadn't left for a trekking holiday in a bad weather. 


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