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Soluzioni ai quiz "Gli aggettivi qualificativi"

Ecco le soluzioni ai quiz della lezione Gli aggettivi qualificativi


Scrivete le frasi inserendo l'aggettivo al posto corretto.


1. Mike is a good guitarist.

2. The instruments are very loud. 

3. It is an interesting CD.

4. Isn't Bach's music beautiful?

5. How old is that violin?


Scrivete gli aggettivi davanti al nome nell'ordine corretto.


1. yellow / big / plastic / oval

The band's interview was held around a big oval yellow plastic table.

2. black / striped / silk

The actress went to the Awards ceremony wearing a striped black silk dress.

3. Asian / young / tall / handsome

My best friend's husband is a handsome tall young Asian man.

4. Italian / flashy / 3-year-old

She is selling her flashy 3-year-old Italian car.

5. Blue / sleeping / round / big

It is a big round blue sleeping bag.


So we have basically two positions for an adjective in a sentence.

Dunque abbiamo fondamentalmente due posizioni per un aggettivo in una frase.

Caption 28, Parts of Speech - Adjectives

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The blue cup is on the table... on the book.

La tazza blu è sul tavolo... sul libro.

Caption 32, Parts of Speech - Adjectives

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