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Soluzioni ai quiz L'ordine delle parole nelle frasi affermative


"He runs around the park every morning."

"Lui corre intorno al parco ogni mattina".

Caption 41, English Grammar Lesson - English Sentence Structure

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Riordina le parole e scrivi le frasi.

1. Emily Blunt is a very beautiful actress.

2. Rome and Florence are amazing locations for films.

3. New York seems a good place to visit.

4. I feel very satisfied after a good night out.

5. She seems angry with you. 


Completa la seconda frase cambiando l'ordine delle parole e mantenendo lo stesso significato.

1. Never have I seen such a wonderful performance!

2. Seldom have we watched such a bad film here.

3. Only if we train really hard, can we hope to win the tournament.

4. Not only did he behave badly, but he also refused to apologize.

5. No sooner had I left than the credits appeared on the screen.


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